happy birthday blog!

On Sunday, Follow the Yellow Brick Road celebrated its first birthday! It all started way back here, but since then, I've had a great year of blog adventures.

I've looked at a lot of art; acquired my very own ruby slippers; written stuff here and here and here; taken some extremely artless photographs; won an award; explored london; experimented with handmade publications; pondered the meaning of blogging; survived a winter of illness and leaking ceilings thanks to favourite things, inspirations, fluffy bunnies and loveliness; investigated tumblr and twitter; written this; celebrated my 26th birthday with friends and glittery cakes; meandered along scottish beaches and through damp french fields; started a writing group; read a lot of books (especially children’s books); and even made a list of fun things to do next. Who knows what adventures the next year will bring?

(Image via here)