weekend in london: more birthday

More belated birthday celebrations... a delicious meal at Yard on Tabernacle Street, just off Old Street, where they serve their pizzas literally By The Yard! What could be better? A lovely evening catching up with friends old and new. I thought I'd share a few of the pictures Duncan and I took:

Yep, that's actually a picture of me. I don't think a picture of me has ever made it onto the blog before. Needless to say I don't always have quite such a stupid expression.

Lisa and Chris look forward to a yard of pizza!

Misty and Howie.

"But we can't make up our minds what to have!"
In the pub... Sarah contemplates the merits of a game of "Estonian wife throwing" as proposed by the bartender.

Sarah, Amy, Leah and Hazel (doing her best to avoid having her photo taken) catch up on all the news.

Amy and Leah made me an amazing birthday present - a fabulous box of homemade cup cakes. I should have taken a picture of the whole extravaganza but unfortunately I got distracted by eating them. I especially love the pink ones (with glitter) plus the chilli and chocolate flavour. The Year of Three Birthday Cakes has now become the year of more birthday cakes than it is possible to count. Hooray!


28 January 2009 at 11:38 Nik's Blog said...

A belated happy birthday to you!