there's no place like home

Perhaps because I don't have a place to live of my own right now, at the moment I'm slightly obsessed by other people's homes. The Selby is currently one of my favourite reads: this intriguing and addictive site by Todd Selby features photographs, videos and even paintings of "interesting people" and their creative spaces from London to Los Angeles and everything in between.

I'd also love to get hold of a copy of this lovely new book from publishers Laurence King: Creative Space: Urban Homes of Artists and Innovators. For 18 months, Francesca Gavin, writer and Visual Arts Editor for Dazed and Confused magazine and photographer Andy Sewell travelled the world, documenting the unique living and working spaces of artists and creatives of all kinds. The result is this covetable book, featuring artists ranging from Julie Verhoeven and Maharishi founder Hardy Blechmann in London, to graffiti artist Fafi in Paris, to Yasumusa Yonehara and Aya Takano in Tokyo. There really is no place like home...

[Images from Creative Space via daydream lily and Dazed Digital]