I am always intrigued by the google searches that bring people here. Here's some recent ones:

bad for bunnies
about being slow
yellow things
the best moods
disaster owl knitted hot water bottle
sculpture of pineapple by the road
tra la la lingerie
bunnies are the best
red shoes perfect for yellow party dress
when is paraphenalia good?
best things about brick
enchanted shoes stuck on her feet

So pleasingly random, and also strangely inspiring - I feel I'd like to write a story featuring enchanted yellow party dresses, slow but cheerful bunnies, disastrous owls, musical underwear and pineapple sculptures.

In other news, follow the yellow brick road has ventured into uncharted waters - the somewhat baffling world of twitter. I'm still not really sure I get it, but I'm working on it (I mean, if Russell Brand and Fearne Cotton can manage it, I'm sure I can). For twittering, tweeting and other general bird-type noises, find and befriend me here.

Any expert twitterers out there with any tips/insights to share?


9 February 2009 at 09:58 Jo said...

I joined Twitter last week also. No idea either, not sure what all the fuss is about! x